If you've been listening to the wireless over the past few hours, then you'll already know the answer to Love/Hate's greatest mystery, but if you haven't, and don't want to know, we suggest you turn away right now.

Speculation about young hoodie-clad heart-throb Darren's future has been rife since Robert Sheehan was spotted on set a few weeks back, but now Stuart Carolan, the man behind the hugely popular series, has confirmed Darren's fate. We're actually starting to get a little worried about Season 4 now: With all these spoilers emerging, we feel like we'll have seen the whole thing before it even starts. So, if you're one of those people who would like to keep the plot a secret, feel free to just stare at this here little snap of our Darren instead, and avoid scrolling down any further,


Still with us? Ok then here goes.

Stuart popped in to Today FM to catch up with Ray D'Arcy, and let slip that our blue hooded Bambi eyed boy is most definitely a goner. "He is dead. There is something happening with him but I'm not getting into [it]" Carolan revealed.

Looks as though Robbie was only back in Dublin to shoot some dream sequences after all. Excuse us while we sob violently in the corner.