'Love/Hate' actor Brian F O’Byrne has just landed a role in a new US TV show called 'Exposed'. Don't worry though, Brian - who plays Detective Mick Moynihan on the RTE drama - will still be wrecking Nidge's head in the next series, as he won't begin filming until after he's done shooting 'Love/Hate' in early summer.

The ABC show, which is still just in its pilot stage, will see O' Byrne play an investigative reporter who will stop at nothing to land a killer story. It's written by ‘Love and Other Drugs’ creator Charles Randolph, and will also star 'Games of Thrones' actor Pedro Pascal. Sounds promising so far!

Brian has featured in numerous American TV shows and movies in the past, including the Oscar Winning 'Million Dollar Baby', as well as supporting roles on TV dramas 'Prime Suspect' and 'Flash Forward'.

Great to see the star nab a leading role though, and who knows maybe he'll bring Nidgey and the boyos over for some guest roles?