'Love Island' is the biggest show on television at the moment and despite it being filmed all the way out in Majorca, that hasn't stopped a few nutters from trying to get into the villa.

According to recent 'Love Island' departee Alex Miller, the ITV2 security team is constantly dealing with intruders trying to get into the villa.

"They told me at least five people a day try to access that villa – but so far no-one has got in,’ he told the Daily Star newspaper: "They’re clearly doing a good job! I was impressed."

A show spokeswoman said last night: "There is round the clock, wide security coverage at the villa site and the islanders’ protection and safety is our top priority."

Meanwhile, Ofcom has received over 500 complaints about a scene in Tuesday night's episode where Idris lied to Laura about Jack's kiss with Georgia.

Dammit 'Love Island', just play Laura the tape already.