Ah here, some people just shouldn't have access to the internet. Molly-Mae Hague wasn't the most popular Islander on the series (she was in the second most popular couple however according to votes), but the backlash she has received is just bizarre.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, Molly-Mae opened up on how she is coping with the hatred that has come her way since leaving the 'Love Island' Villa, and thankfully, she is doing okay now, but initially was very taken back with it. "I knew I was going to get my fair share of hate but I didn’t know it would be to this extent," she said.

"To be called fake and all these horrible names like ‘Money-Mae’ when I haven’t actually done anything wrong was a shock. It is hard to hear. I did [read the negative comments] at the start but then I had to stop; I think it’s best not to.

"Some of the stuff that’s been said about me is pretty vile. There are death threats, which really isn’t nice."

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While boyfriend Tommy Fury said in the interview: "Whatever she goes through, I go through.

"It’s horrible. I hate seeing Molly get trolled. I think people are jealous. I’ve been living with her for the past two months and she’s the most genuine and nicest girl I’ve ever met."

Molly-Mae also insisted she wasn't getting extra therapy after leaving the Villa. "I’ve been having the same [post-Love Island] after-care as everyone else.

"I’ve taken the support that ITV provided and it’s helped. People keep sending messages like: ‘Pray for Molly-Mae, I hope she’s okay,’ but I’m literally sat here loving my life. I’m so happy, nothing can burst my bubble; what the public think is irrelevant."

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Trollers going to troll, essentially, but Molly-Mae is doing just great, as she has every right to be.

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