We're still recovering from last night's drama-filled episode, but prepare yourself 'Love Island' fans, there is much more on the way.

The male stars are set to move into a different villa shortly where they will be joined by five new ladies. This same twist was introduced last year and caused quite a few ructions among the couples, including almost breaking up last year's winners Kem and Amber.

A source told The Sun Online: "Having the second villa packed with five hot females is going to cause fireworks.

"They’ve started flying out a number of girls to Majorca where they’re waiting in a hotel to find out if they’ve made the final cut.

"Bosses are vetting them all really carefully because they want to put in girls who’ll cause the most drama."

Among the new ladies will be Jack's ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones and she's apparently made it clear she wants him back. We doubt Jack will fall for it though... right? Not with Danny Dyer waiting on the outside.

Last year, 'Love Island' producers also sent in some hot blokes to tempt the ladies but it has yet to be confirmed if that will happen again this time.

Either way, oodles of drama on the way.