Surfer Lucie has always been in great shape but the 'Love Island' star really upped her fitness regime in recent years. 21-year-old Lucie went from a size 12 to a size 6 losing two stone in the process.

She did this through an intense fitness regime with her gym Kapow Fitness, revealing on her Instagram that it took her over a year to achieve her goal. Saying at the time, "I have now reached the perfect weight for me... for #mondaymotivation this is achievable through healthy eating and regular exercise!"

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#bodytransformation body #progresspicture is @lucierosedonlan From 18yrs old to now a young 💥 21 years 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 I have trained Lucie for just over 3 years.. she was one of my first regular clients when I opened my doors to be a business. I’m so glad you knocked on my door that day 💕 #nofilterrequired Lucie has always been beautiful inside and out and if you’ve ever met her- you’ll be instantly knocked out by her warm heart, determined mindset and passion for what she does. Over the years I have witnessed her hard work to be the best she can be... she loves to surf and was a surf coach at the time - helping the community through her love of the sport... but had goals and dreams to be a working full time modal and to see her transition from surf coach to international modal has been mind blowing 🤯👏🏻🤯👏🏻🤯👏🏻🤯👏🏻🤯👏🏻 Lucie’s body 👙 and mindset 🧠of how she feels about her body has changed ALOT , she is so much happier with her physique and along the way she gained body confidence, healthy eating habits, amazing physique, routine and so many personal bests in the gym. TRUTHs 👌 This has taken time it didn’t happen overnight There has been times when her shape and weight frustrated her but she will be the first to tell you... keep going, trust the program and the process. Over time when you train a client for this length of time you figure out what their body responds to the best and we’ve discovered that now less is more - Lucie’s bodytype now is in a different phase again and is better when she doesn’t overtrain and takes active rest days between gym days. She does stay on point with nutrition 80% of the time and has used Herbalife formula 1 as a healthy breakfast or snack since day 1 - a true ambassador to the product and my company Training program at the moment short HIIT sessions and weight/ resistance training 3 days a week. Favourite shake ALWAYS CHOCOLATE 💕 #cornishgirl #cornish #ambassador #kapowhealthyliving #happiness #proudtrainer #progress #movingforward #surfergirl #modal #fitnessmotivation #womanempowerment #positivethinking #goodvibes

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Lucie also spoke about her fitness journey with OK Magazine before entering the villa revealing, "When I was younger I’d always eat chocolates and pasta. When I started modelling at 17. I realised I needed to lose a bit of weight to be healthy.

"I don’t drink or smoke, and I eat well and exercise."

Lucie has proven a very popular lady in the villa since she arrived with both Joe and Tommy vying for her affection. Although viewers have not been impressed with Joe's behaviour.

Turns out Lucie was also asked to be on the show the last two seasons but turned it down. She told OK Magazine, "The first year I was really loved up.

"The second time I’d just had a break-up because I cheated. Then I was heartbroken about the guy I cheated with because I thought we’d be together but he brushed me off."

Third times a charm though and we have a feeling this lady could be sticking around that villa for a while.