Life wasn't always as easy as it looked in that 'Love Island' villa, particularly for Laura Anderson who got burned twice before ultimately meeting her match with Paul Knops.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media after she arrived back into the UK yesterday, Laura admitted that she actually had tried to leave the villa after her heart aches.

"Yeah, I walked out three times," she said, confirming that the first time was "when Wes pied me off".

"I didn't sleep all night," she continued. "I went to the beach hut most of the night, and I smoked 20 cigarettes."

'Love Island' contestants were banned from smoking on camera in this summer's series following complaints to OfCom last year.

Laura admits she "can't even remember" what happened to make her want to leave the second time: "Loads of stuff happens, and then you're just stuck there, and you have to chat about it.

"I just got a bit overwhelmed, I think. I was like, 'I've had enough!' I can't really remember what it was."

Laura was happy she returned each time saying: "Oh my gosh, yeah. Everyone just have a wobbly. It's like cabin fever. It is a big place, but at one point, there was 20 of us in there."

We're glad she stayed too, earning herself a well-deserved second place. Check out the voting stats from the final here.