The kiss that caused more trouble than any in the ‘Love Island’ villa was the one between Georgia and Jack. First Georgia said nothing happened, then Jack told Laura (who he has since split with) that Georgia kissed him, but Georgia fervently denied it.

There was even leaked footage of the kiss suggesting the whole thing was staged.

On last night’s episode, Georgia left the villa with Sam because they were not allowed to recouple with one another.

She has since opened up about the kiss and having watched back the footage, realises she ‘remembered it differently.’

The contestant said: “Now I have watched it, my opinion has slightly changed… I remembered it in a different way to what happened! That’s not how I thought it went! After seeing the clip, I am a bit embarrassed for saying I didn’t kiss Jack when I went back to the villa.”

In an interview with Metro, Georgia confirmed that the scene was filmed twice but the kiss was not staged. She added: “At the end of the day, things happen for a reason I made a little a mistake.

“I’m only human and yes, I kissed him but I feel like it takes two people two tango and it does take two people to kiss.”

Georgia stressed that she’s “very genuine” and “very real” and even provided a definition of what it means to be ‘loyal’: “The definition for me of the word loyal is being true in a relationship and always being honest and letting your partner know how you’re feeling all the time and not going against things that you would say.”

So now we know.