She was the bombshell that shook up the villa over the summer on 'Love Island' and not just because she is absolutely stunning. Her personality, charm, and individuality won the hearts of thousands, but now she's ready for some exterior changes.

It's no secret that the 'Love Island' winner is an absolute stunner; she's got brand deals to boot with Oh Polly, BeautyWorks, and BPerfect Cosmetics. She's positively glowing with all her success, but the reality star is making some changes to her physical appearance according to The Guardian.

She's in the process of embracing her natural beauty á la ex-islander and fellow fan-fave Molly Mae who has had her filler dissolved and removed her full composite bonds on her teeth.

Ekin-Su has kickstarted the process of going 'au natural' by dying her hair and even has plans to get rid of her filler — a decision sparked by looking back at herself onscreen.

In her plan to "strip down", she's planning to "get rid of the blond highlights, go back to my natural colour – I’m getting it dyed this afternoon. Whatever lip filler I have, I’m going to dissolve".

She continued to expand on her desire to change her appearance and reverse some of the work she's had done, "I didn’t like the fake look. I think natural beauty is a lot prettier. I’ve not had anything major done to myself, right? OK, apart from the boobs".

Well sure look, we've all seen the pictures from when she competed in the 'Miss Ireland' competition and she's always been gorgeous, filler or not. And the darker hair really works for her, right?

Check out Ekin-Su's darker locks here.