'Love Island' may be over, but that doesn't mean that the drama has ended between the islanders.

The Amber-Michael-Joanna saga seems to have taken another turn, as the Liverpudlian firefighter and his former partner in the villa, Joanna, have been spotted kissing.

This comes after Joanna called him a 'snake' for not following her out the door. She then watched him try to get back together with Amber once she was gone, who was having none of it.

It all worked out for Amber in the end, of course, as she was crowned the winner with Limerick man Greg, and they walked away with £25k each.

However, when she was asked what she thought of Michael and Joanna rekindling their relationship, she told Metro: "Yeah, I am surprised. To be fair, I didn’t see much of their relationship because I avoided watching it and how they were - but Michael definitely tried to get back with me, so that’s a bit weird."

She added that she had no regrets about her decision to couple up with Greg (clearly), and that she didn't think she would have won if she'd remained with Michael. "I think me and Greg are a good match," she said. "He came in when I needed a gent and that’s why it went to us. I think if I was with Michael, it would have been going back to the guy who didn’t treat [me] well."

Meanwhile, Joanna denied kissing Michael at the KissStory festival in London at the weekend, saying that he was 'telling her a funny story'. However, pictures published in several tabloid newspapers clearly suggested otherwise.

Michael later clarified: "The pictures she’s talking about, we weren’t actually kissing. Then different pictures have come out which are quite undeniable. We don’t really know where that’s going because obviously we still have feelings for each other and we can’t really turn that off."

This tweet pretty much nails it, to be honest: