In the early days of this year's 'Love Island', we were all rooting for shy and reserved Alex to get the girl. We willed Megan to choose him over Eyal, hoped Samira would some day look at him differently, and thought his lame attempts at chat and flirting were endearing.

But no more. 'Love Island' viewers are growing more and more frustrated with Alex and think it might be time to call it a day.

His luck seemed to changing in Casa Amor with Charlie, who actually, gasp, found Alex funny. Who saw that coming? Strangely she was pipped to the post by Grace, and was "left on the sub bench". Yes, Alex actually said that.

His shy and gentlemanly like nature seems to be falling by the wayside for more laddish behaviour, and at this stage now, many viewers are feeling that he's had his chance to find love in the villa and he should head on his merry way with those not-so-smouldering eyes.