'Love Island' returned to our screens last night and we were living for the Twitter reactions.

Series 6 of the reality series kicked off as each debut episode of 'Love Island' starts - the first islanders arrived at the villa. Then the first coupling took place.

Shaughna, Sophie, Leanne, Siânnise and Paige paired off with Callum, Conor, Mike, Nas and Ollie, respectively.

But then in a "shock twist", two new islanders entered the villa that evening - twins Eve and Jess.

It's early days so no clear favourites have emerged yet. Instead, pretty much every contestant was teased on Twitter one way or another, whether it was over their hair (poor Leanne...), awkward hugs and conversations (of which there are many on the series) or likeness to previous 'Love Island' contestants (we're looking at you, Ollie).

Sure don't most of us live for the social media reactions when it comes to these shows?