Time and again, just when you think things couldn't get any juicier on 'Love Island', you're proven wrong yet again.

The next entry in our 'Love Island' agenda is a challenge called Head-Over-Heels, whereby the islanders must play a game of Twister - but with a sprinkle of sexual tension.

Also on tonight's episode, the boys in Casa Amor start to discuss the bombshells they've been shacked up with - and they start to pair off to have conversations. Nas, who has been coupled with Demi back in the main villa, has a sit down with Eva who, on last night's episode made him grin from ear to ear during Raunchy Races.

During tonight's first look, we see the pair of them having a chat, with Nas admitting: "I feel like you are more my type than Demi. Similar banter as well."

The other couple that all eyes are glued to are Shaughna and Callum, who have been separated since Casa Amor first started. In tonight's first look, we hear Shaughna saying to the girls about missing her other half: "If Callum does come back on his own, I will say to him that we need to have a discussion."

Unbeknownst to her however, Callum is heard saying to Molly: "I don't want to potentially throw something away... that I think's special. Just because I might hurt someone's feelings in the process."

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9PM on Virgin Media One.