Even though nobody really knows when all of this is going to finish, the producers at 'Love Island' are ploughing ahead like things will be back to normal in the months ahead.

Mail Online is reporting that the summer edition of 'Love Island' is still going ahead in spite of, well, everything happening in the world right now. Per their source, production staff have been told that "the upcoming series is still scheduled to take place but the show will launch a month later in July."

It's hard to know whether or not 'Love Island' will actually be able to go ahead, seeing as how travel restrictions are currently in place across the European Union, with Spain one of the worst affected areas so far.

Previously, sources had told UK tabloids that the series was unlikely to go ahead, with testing and insurance costs under the current climate proving far too much to handle. However, it now appears that this is no longer the case, with some models and influencers reportedly being approached about the show already.

So far, ITV has made no announcement on the fate of the series.