No doubt that this *gestures at everything* is beginning to take its toll on people and any kind of escapism is a benefit right now.

That's why it's a little bit disheartening to know that 'Love Island' - that one promised ray of ridiculousness that we clung on to over the winter - may not be happening during the summer. According to a recent interview on BBC Radio 4 and subsequently picked up by Digital Spy, ITV chiefs still aren't sure if 'Love Island' is going ahead this year.

Previously, numerous ex-contestants such as Georgia Harrison had been saying that the show was set to come back, and that producers were already interviewing potential contestants. However, ITV chief executive Carolyn McCall appeared to throw cold water over the idea.

When asked outright, McCall said that she "genuinely" didn't know if the show was going to return for the summer season. "We will want to put 'Love Island' on air because it's been off air for a little while, we didn't do it last summer. We are looking at all our options at the moment because the pandemic makes it hard," said McCall.

'Love Island' is big business for ITV, both for ratings and for lucrative sponsorship deals. Not only that, with audiences starved for any kind of trashy television, it's going to leave a heart-shaped hole in TV schedules at a time when it's needed the most.