You might as well get the paddling pools out, as it looks highly likely that the 'Love Island' team, along with a raft of glamorous single contestants, will not be heading out to Mallorca this summer.

The 'Love Island' summer 2020 version is currently up in the air, according to ITV boss Kevin Lygo. Speaking virtually at the Edinburgh Television Festival recently, he said that if the series does go ahead, it would not be a good message to send to the target audience of 18-30-year-olds who tune into the reality series.

He said: "We're approaching the moment of is it feasible? Will Majorca open its doors? What signal might it be sending out if we're doing a show where everyone is crammed together slavering over each other, and the rest of the world is told not to go near anyone in the park?"

Lygo also dashed rumours of the series finding a new home for the summer season, with a UK-based version allegedly never really being on the cards. Although it was considered, the 'Love Island' team decided that it "wouldn't be the same" even if the show was filmed down in sunny Cornwall. It might have felt too much like 'Big Brother' in fairness.

The news comes following reports during the week that the 'Love Island' summer 2020 series has already received over 12,000 applications, with many fans at home salivating at the thought of heading off to the sun for the summer months.