Is it sad that we're actually a bit excited to see how Babs and Sue get on while looking for love?

Did someone say "wholesome island"? Because that's what we're hoping this could be. In an unexpected twist, 'Love Island' will be getting a spin-off in the new year, all about an older generation of people who will be looking for love. All together now - naaaaawwwwhhhh.

As the eighth season begins to wind down, and two seasons confirmed for next year, ITV is already on the hunt for a fresh batch of singletons. But, according to sources, the second edition might not be the revival of the Winter edition that we were expecting.

Currently titled 'Your Mum, My Dad', the new matchmaking competition will see parents in their 40s and 50s be paired up with other singletons while on a retreat. Behind the scenes, their children will be playing matchmakers, hoping that their parents might fall for someone they've chosen.

The idea is currently in its early stages of development, with ITV hoping to make it past the pilot stage later this year. Should it tick all of the right boxes, the series will begin filming later this year with a 2023 release date.

Hoping to be a more wholesome approach than the series on which it's based, a source said of this 'Love Island' spin-off: "This show will give those who settled down young a second chance at love while they still feel in their prime."

The latest edition of the reality competition has been getting dragged online in recent weeks, with viewers (and domestic abuse charity Women's Aid) voicing their dismay at the antics continuing in the series this year. Some believe that the cast is too young for a show of this ilk and that older, more "mature" contestants should feature.

It's unclear if this will be the second edition of 'Love Island' that is happening next year, or if there will be two regular 'Love Island' series, plus this show.

Will you be watching 'Your Mum, My Dad' if it airs? We reckon it has the potential to be a heartwarming show - they just need to work on that awful name first.