Last night's recoupling ended with a shock twist, with Shaughna sent home from the island.

If ever you needed an idea of how badly this season of 'Love Island' has gone, it's how Shaughna has somehow managed to end up being sent home - even though she was one of the most watchable contestants.

The recoupling was something of a mess to begin with, as there was a four-way split between Shaughna, Demi, Luke M and Jamie. Shaughna admitted she was beginning to see Luke M in a different light, while Demi was torn between Luke M and Jamie. It didn't really matter, of course, as last night's recoupling went with the boys.

Ultimately, Luke M chose to couple with Demi, while Jamie chose to couple with Natalia, leaving Shaughna out in the cold after recoupling concluded. Before all this, however, Shaughna had told Luke M that she was beginning to fancy him, which he seemed to take with a certain amount of skepticism.

On hearing this, however, Luke M admitted that he was "scrambled" and that he and Demi "got to know each other and got close, she's getting to know Jamie as well which put me off a bit."

In her exit interview, Shaughna said that had she her time back in the villa, she would have "definitely have ditched Callum sooner than Casa Amor, which would then have left me with some 'openness' and then I'd have probably noticed I liked Luke M a lot sooner than I did."

That said, she didn't seem to harbour any hurt feelings towards Demi and Luke M, saying that they were "two very good-looking people and they're honestly such sweethearts so I can only imagine those two going on to do good things."

Well, that's something at least.