The most dramatic moment of the series did not disappoint, with former couples coming to blows over the firepit.

Can we get a camera pointing at Danica for the entirety of her stay in the villa, please? Because she was serving up how we were all feeling while watching from home. Last night's 'Love Island' saw the islanders take part in the most dramatic recoupling of the show so far, as the main villa and Casa Amor became one.

Both Jay and Danica were the first to recouple, both choosing to start afresh with the new bombshells Chyna and Josh. Next up was Davide (who we'll return to in a minute), who decided to stick with Ekin-Su, which actually turned into the sweetest moment of the whole episode, surprisingly. Naaaaaawww.

Dami then threw a curveball into the mix and decided to switch his choice to new girl Summer. Indiyah also changed her mind, choosing to bring Deji back from Casa Amor, and to say that there was tension after their arrival at the fire pit is a bit of an understatement.

Luca and Gemma recoupled, making us think these two are in it to win in, but then it was Andrew's turn. Both he and Tasha chose to open themselves up to new possibilities and recoupled with Coco and Billy.

Finally, it was Jacques and Paige's decision time. Will he, won't he? Jacques had made quite a connection with Cheyanne in the villa while Paige was away, so it was difficult to tell which way this one would turn. In the end, both decided to stick with their original choices and became a couple once again... Or did they?

Before Laura Whitmore sent off the six newly-dumped islanders (Jack Keating, George Tasker, Samuel Agbiji, Mollie Salmon, Cheyanne Kerr and Jazmine Nichol), she asked Mollie and Cheyanne some interesting questions, which caused ruptions between some of the couples; Ekin-Su threw Davide's arm off of her and moved away from him when Mollie revealed she had kissed the Italian and shared a bed; while Paige and Jacques looked uncomfortable as hell after Cheyanne revealed she had been getting cosy with Jacques - it was quite a moment.

And so the new couples in the villa are:

  • Jay Younger and Chyna Mills
  • Danica Taylor and Josh Samuel Le Grove
  • Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu
  • Dami Hope and Summer Botwe
  • Indiyah Polack and Deji Adeniyi
  • Luca Bish and Gemma Owen
  • Andrew Le Page and Coco Lodge
  • Tasha Ghouri and Billy Brown
  • Jacques O'Neill and Paige Thorne

After the 'Love Island' recoupling, Davide and Ekin-Su appeared to make up, while Luca asked Gemma all sorts of questions about her time in Casa Amor. *peers over horn-rimmed glasses* He got some trust issues.

The most chaotic moments of the show were when the former couples, who had some sort of connection before Casa Amor, decided to recouple with the newbies. Indiyah was able to give it back to Dami after his backhanded well-wishes towards her ("Let the best heartbreaker win"); while Andrew called Tasha "Pinocchio" for coupling with Billy, even though he's sitting there with Coco on his arm. These boys make-a no sense.

The final part of the episode (which wasn't extra-long, FYI) saw Paige chatting with the original villa girls about Jacques, saying: "He wants his cake and he wants to eat it. This isn't a buffet."

With tensions rising between the boys and the girls, as well as the OG villa girls and the new villa girls - let's see how tonight's episode shapes up.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player at 9 pm.