'Love Island' fever has officially hit - are you ready for the return of the reality series?

In 10 days time, we'll be counting down the hours until the very first episode of the new series of 'Love Island' premieres on our TV screens.

It goes without saying, it's a pretty exciting prospect. Whether you're a huge fan of the reality competition or not, there's no denying how thrilling it feels to have a TV series on the horizon that we can all collectively sit down and watch unfold in unison. The last time this happened was probably the 'Late Late Show' of 2020.

While we're still being left in the dark about who exactly will be appearing in the first summer series of the competition since 2019, the show has created a throwback video of some of the best catchphrases we've heard the past contestants say while on the show.

And yes, before you hit play on the video below, you might need to clear a few minutes from your schedule so your brain can re-adjust back into hearing 'Love Island' slang.

ITV has also not confirmed where the new series will be taking place, but rumours are that the new group of contestants are currently quarantining in Majorca, the usual hideaway for the summer edition of the series. Laura Whitmore and her husband Iain Stirling will also be returning as host and narrator, respectively.

The next series of 'Love Island' will be kicking off on ITV2 and Virgin Media on Monday, June 28 at 9pm.