"Sharon and Faye scolded Hugo for having a preference, compared his comment to racism and ranted about how their struggles growing up led them to getting surgery, completely forgetting that he was born with a disability. Come on, read the room."

Episode eight of 'Love Island' 2021 saw Hugo take heat from the girls - especially Faye and Sharon, who were offended by his "fake" comments.

Forget the two bombshells who entered the villa, last night's episode was all about the bombshell that was dropped during a game of 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' between the couples. The challenge saw the couples get tested on how well they know their other half, being asked questions such as their favourite sex positions, their biggest turns ons - and turn offs.

Hugo has a preference for women who are more natural looking, citing "fake" personalities and cosmetic surgeries a turn off for him. His preference, his honest opinion. Other guys in the villa said their biggest turn offs were girls with hairy arms or walking barefoot.

However, a number of the girls appeared to be offended by his truth, with Faye and Sharon in particular feeling put out by his comments. They looked visibly pissed off, and admitted that they thought his comments were rude. After a conversation with Sharon, Hugo was left in tears as he apologised for offending her, which wasn't what he had intended to do, saying: "I just didn’t mean to upset anyone, that’s the last thing I wanted."

Sharon said to Hugo during the conversation: "You saying you wouldn’t get with a girl with lip fillers is like me saying I don’t like someone because of their race."

Faye said to Sharon afterwards: "I don’t give a f**k if he’s crying."

Twitter was a battleground last night, with nearly all of the viewers siding with Hugo. Most people felt that the girls blew the situation out of proportion, especially considering that Hugo has lived with a disability all of his life. Here's what the social network had to say about it all.

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