In case you missed last night's steamy affair, we've covered the biggest talking points of the night - and viewers' reactions to the whole thing.

The 'Love Island' heart rate challenge kicked things into overdrive last night, as both the girls and the boys had to get pulses soaring with their individual "sexy" routines for the opposite sex.

Everyone in the villa wore heart rate monitors, and each of them got a special performance from their roommates; at the end of the challenge, the producers totted up everyone's heart rates to see who went wildest for who, and whether the girls or the boys got pulses racing the most.

Of course, the girls absolutely smashed it and were crowned the victors of the night; some of the boys' performances weren't as steamy as they could have been. A special shout-out to Charlie here, as his turn was clearly the most uncomfortable moment of the night, judging by the scared looks on some of the girls' (Danica especially) faces.

Afterwards, the islanders took a well-earned rest - jokes, of course they were all bothered by whose heart raced most for who. Tasha and Andrew had the biggest fall-out, with the former being concerned as to why his heart didn't race for her; Gemma, Luca and Jacques also had another bust-up, with Gemma's heart racing the most for her ex, Jacques; viewers were also concerned about Dami and Indiyah; while Jacques continues his plight of being the most untrustworthy man in the villa.

Another interesting turn that happened in last night's 'Love Island' episode was Ekin-Su and Davide; are they about to give it another go and recouple? Danica seems to have her eye on Davide, so let's see how this all turns out.

Here's how viewers reacted to the 'Love Island' heart rate challenge, which saw the islanders get (mostly) down and dirty.

What's in store for tonight? The girls will be in charge of a new recoupling...

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