Love Island may air at the post-watershed time of 9pm but that hasn't stopped it from getting complaints from viewers.

However, it's not the endless romping and under the sheets action that has people writing in the most, but rather the amount of smoking shown on the programme.

UK broadcasting regulator OfCom has said that it has received 46 complaints to date for this series of Love Island, and more than half of them, 24, were about the portrayal of smoking.


Just 15 were about the promotion of "sexual material and promiscuity", and if you're curious, the remaining were for bad language, grievances about a racial slur and violence (the time a contestant threw a cushion "aggressively").

OfCom has said that it will assess all 46 complaints and decide whether they should investigate further.

They do smoke a lot on that show, or maybe it's something you haven't even noticed? Let us know in the comments.