For a time, it looked like nothing was happening on 'Love Island'. But if last night's episode - and the preview for tonight's - is anything to go by, there's a storm up ahead...

In spite all the 'Love Island' contestants being currently coupled up, there's very little love on that island.

Faye is just not feeling it with Liam, saying he seems to only be physically attracted to her (plus, he doesn't like cats, so that's a big red flag for her).

And while Toby and Kaz finally had their first kiss, the preview to tonight's episode hinted his head might be turned by one of the new blonde bombshells.

Trouble is even in the air for Jake and Liberty. The two spent the night in the hideaway last night, but Liberty admitted to the girls that Jake hinted that he's still keeping open to options.

Hugo and Chloe are partnered up just as friends, and having just become a couple (and dumped a guy off the island for him), Rachel is told by Brad to keep her eye out for other guys.

Plus Aaron seemed to be put off by Sharon not wanting to have kids and being career-driven? Is there no love on 'Love Island' at all?

Well Twitter is most definitely on the girls' side when it comes to the troubled waters. They were particularly annoyed by Aaron's comments about Sharon's career.

Even past 'Love Island' contestants Amy Hart and Amber Gill had their say, as they reflected on history repeating itself...

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One at 9pm.