Hit show ‘Love Island’ is once again stirring up controversy over its manipulation of the truth and treatment of a fan favourite on the show, Laura.

Last night’s episode saw one of the new boys who entered the villa, Idris, take Laura out on a date. Laura has had an on-again off-again with Jack, which is on shakey ground thanks to a kiss that may or may not have happened with Georgia (new footage for which makes the kiss look like more of a set-up than ever). It now may be off again thanks to Idris saying that it was Jack who initiated the kiss.


Fans were unimpressed with the show utilising Laura’s hurt feelings for the sake of creating drama with many threatening to complain to OfCom or even turn off the show altogether. Similar controversy was stirred when footage was shown to Dani of her boyfriend Jack looking shocked as his ex-girlfriend entered Casa Amor.