Hugo is about to ruffle some feathers after a challenge appears to go horribly wrong for the islander - plus, there's bombshells on the way.

We're onto the eighth episode of 'Love Island' tonight, and it looks like the atmosphere in the villa is about to change quite dramatically.

Liberty receives a text with a new challenge for the couples. They're going to have to get their facts straight about their other half in the ultimate memory challenge. However, the game doesn't go quite as planned (or, it goes even better than planned for the producers), as Hugo offends a number of the girls for his comments about his "biggest turn-offs".

But what is it that Hugo said? Find out later on tonight as he pulls different islanders for a chat to clear the air, after getting emotional with Sharon. But will it all be forgotten before the night is over? We doubt it.

Next up on 'Love Island' tonight, the girls are off for a boozy brunch! However, while the girlies are away living their best lives sans boys, the remaining islanders in the villa receive a text informing them of some fresh bombshell action incoming.

Millie Court and Lucinda Strafford are the two new entrants in the villa - read all about them right here.

Here's a preview of what's about to go down in tonight's episode of 'Love Island'.

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.