'Love Island' fans, it's what you've all been waiting for... a new season "Who's Yer Wan? Who's Yer Man?" quiz!

With the next summer edition delayed for one solid year until 2021, and with no second winter season on the cards either, fans of the reality competition will have to get their fix by competing in our snazzy little quiz below. Reckon you know all of the 'Love Island' contestants? Well, now's your chance to prove it in our quiz.

We've scoured through all five summer editions and the one winter edition to test your knowledge on matching a contestant's face with their name. But how long have these contestants managed to stay in the game, and made a lasting impression with you? It's time to see how well you do - but be warned, it gets more difficult as you go along.

We'll start you off easy... with one of the Irish contestants being the first choice.

Best of luck - you only have 90 seconds.