With the second recoupling of 'Love Island' now over, heads have officially turned.

Last night's recoupling definitely got heated, with some surprising turns in how it all panned out for some. Although Rebecca appeared to be cracking on with Connagh, it eventually transpired that she decided to go with Luke T instead after a cosy date changed things up for her.

Meanwhile, Siannise was left raging that Rebecca had "gone behind her back" and coupled up with Luke T, claiming that there was "no loyalty there" between them. Nas eventually ended up being chosen by Siannise, calling him "the life and the soul of the villa."

All this drama, in the end, left Connagh with a "gh" being sent home from the villa, leaving after just a short period of time on the show.

As it stands now, the couples look something like this:

Leanne and Mike

Shaughna and Callum

Sophie and Conner

Rebecca and Luke T

Jess and Luke M

Siannese and Nas

The question now is whether or not Sophie and Conner will continue on into next week, and what's going to happen to them after their blazing row. For one, Conner hinted that there was "another serious chat" on the way for the two of them, so it could easily be that they won't be together in the next recoupling.

'Love Island' continues on Virgin Media One.