Now that the islanders have met their 12 new bombshells, it appears that the girls are pining for their old housemates to return.

And not only that, but things are finally kicking off and the challenges are coming in thick and fast. Tonight's 'Love Island' episode is set to pit the competing villas against each-other in a range of various challenges. Raunchy Races is tonight's main activity, and with another party up for grabs, the islanders in the main villa are pretty determined to win. Presumably, the losing villa will win some half-blown up balloons, some stale party rings, and a round of virgin cocktails.

As we can see from our first look at tonight's show below, the challenges are all based on height and age, and involves the islanders snogging and... licking toes.

In other news, Manchester's own Callum appears to have gotten himself into quite a sticky situation regarding Molly, and the newest clip leaves us on a cliffhanger ending. He is also heard saying "if your name rhymes with ice lolly jump in my bed" - so it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Make sure to tune into 'Love Island' when it continues tonight at 9PM on Virgin Media One.