The head honchos at ITV2 are said to have a new dating series in the works since we won't be getting 'Love Island' for the next while.

They're putting together a show called 'The Cabins', which should allow for more social distancing and isolation than the typical 'Love Island' format encourages.

The Sun reports that the format will see single people paired up to spend the night together in a hut somewhere remote in the UK.

The couples have to leave their smartphones and other technology behind and spend 24 hours on an intense first date.

If they're a good match, they can choose to stay in the cabin for longer.

If not, they get paired with another contestant.

A source said: "Bosses are going back to basics with 'The Cabins'.

"Set away from the distractions of modern life, two singletons will have to spend time together and properly get to know each other without a profile on a dating app.

"After 24 hours together they will be able to decide whether they stay together for a bit longer, or move on to someone new.

"If they remain as a couple for up to four days, we then give some other singles the chance to enter the cabin and potentially meet their Mr or Miss Right."

They added: "They’ll start filming in the next few months as they’re casting now and it will air in the new year."

The show will fill the gap left by 'Winter Love Island'. It launched in South Africa last January with Finley Tapp and Paige Turley coming out as the winners.

ITV2 has said that 'Love Island' will not return until summer 2021.

Casting for 'The Cabins' is now underway.

Those interested can apply by emailing [email protected]