They brought us epic blowouts and butt-shaving, but Anton and Belle's time on 'Love Island' is officially over.

Anton and Belle became the latest couple to be dumped from the Villa on 'Love Island' last night after they received the fewest votes from the public.

Having been there from the start, it's got to smart a little bit for Anton to not make it to tonight's final but considering his run of luck/love in there, missing the last two days isn't the worst thing that could have happened.

Here's how Anton and Belle felt just after they got dumped.

Love Island 2019 Anton

How would you sum up your time in the villa?

My time in the villa has been mixed emotions. From the first few weeks when I thought I would never find someone. It’s definitely humbled me, the whole experience, getting pied a few times! I have built a family within the villa and got on with everyone so well. When Belle came in she changed my Friend Island experience into a Love Island experience. We clicked the minute we met, instantly attracted. Definitely a romantic and sexual attraction, and we’re good friends too. We’ve had our ups and downs but we’ve come out of the other side strong and I can’t wait to see where it goes on the outside.

What were some of the highlights of going in?

Everyone knows my main highlight was Craig David. Everyone knows that for a fact, it was an unbelievable experience and literally brought tears to my eyes. I don’t normally cry in the outside world. Belle coming in was a game-changing experience. Being so close to Michael and some of the other boys like Danny and Joe, they will be friends for life. Some of the challenges are the scariest thing I’ve done in my life, especially the stripper challenge, but afterwards I felt amazing. All in all, it was definitely the best Summer of my life.

If you had your time again would you have coupled up as you did?

My Love Island experience didn’t go as planned. I thought ‘I’ll come in and get a girl.’ The way it’s worked out though, it couldn’t have gone better. I made my friends first, they all had my back and wanted me to meet the right person and then when I did, everyone was happy. It was the most humbling experience I have had.

The aim of the game is to find love but is there anyone you would say is just game playing?

It is very hard to judge people in there. Certain things have happened in there where you have to question if it’s a game. You can get caught up in things. I think people do act differently from how they would act in the outside, emotions are heightened. Actions speak louder than words so I will see how people act when they come out.

What was the most challenging aspect of being in the villa?

For me, it was getting out of my normal routine. I usually get up, do what I want to do, eat when I want to eat, train when I want to train. For me, training and eating were very difficult to adjust to. And of course, living with at one point 18 big personalities. It was a really positive experience but there are points where you miss family and friends.

If you could see one of the couples going the distance, who would it be?

I would like to see Amber and Greg win it. Amber has gone through a rollercoaster ride. She had that hard shell and no one could break through. Now she’s come out of the other side and found someone in Greg. Just to see her go through that experience, she’s one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. I’d love her and Greg to win. Greg has blown her off her feet and it would be an amazing love story.

How was it seeing your mum?

Seeing my mum was the weirdest experience, having been away from home for so long. I’d forgotten what she looked and sounded like. To hold her, touch her and speak to her was my favourite day in the villa. I loved seeing everyone else with their families, it really touched me a lot. It meant so much to all of us.

How does it stand with you and Belle?

We’ve obviously been in a bubble in a villa and it’s not like that in the outside. But we’re going to build on the foundations we’ve laid in the villa. We have a challenge with the distance – she’s in London and I’m Scotland. But we’ll see each other twice a week or so. I’m looking forward to doing silly things like playing music in the car.

Belle Love Island
How would you sum up your time in the villa?

I’d sum it up by saying it was absolute madness. It had its highs and lows but it was amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to do it.

What were some of the highlights of going in?

One of them would be meeting Anton, that was amazing and I didn’t expect to click with him like I did. We have so much in common. The banter and the girls, they are so unbelievable. Such insane characters and I have made friends for life.

If you had your time again would you have coupled up as you did?

No, I went in there for Anton, he was the person I had in my mind. Absolutely not, I wouldn’t change it.

The aim of the game is to find love but is there anyone you would say is just game playing?

I definitely think there are a few people that are not genuine. They are all lovely individually but I think some of them are very clever.

What was the most challenging aspect of being in the villa?

Getting ready! Washing my hair was a real challenge. Washing, drying and straightening it in a certain amount of time! I know I’m a drama queen but I was never ready on time. I was always asking for another 20 minutes. The girls were always fighting over the hair dryers. I have a lot of hair.

If you could see one of the couples going the distance, who would it be?

Amber and Greg. Absolutely 100%. I adore Amber and Greg is such a lovely guy. What they have is genuine and it’s so rare for Amber to click with someone straight away and they did. I love Amber, she’s fantastic, an amazing person. Greg is man enough to take whatever Amber has to give, and he gives it back but he’ll let her win. They look fantastic together.

What was it like having your family go in?

I was so excited. My parents are like my best friends. Words can’t describe that moment.

What does the future hold for you and Anton?

I would like to say it holds something, we’ve got something good. We get on so well. We’ll take things day by day and see how it goes, but the future looks good. We’ve been genuine, real and try to ourselves. We haven’t faked anything. We haven’t allowed ourselves to get wrapped up in it all, we’re realistic about things. It’s cemented a solid foundation and we can hopefully get through the challenges of missing each other. The future looks good.

Given the chance, would you go back into the villa?

I have no regrets, if I was given the chance again, I’d do the whole experience again. It was great, I will never look back and think ‘what if?’ I found someone, I’ve made friends for life, and it was just an amazing experience.


The 'Love Island' live finale airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.