Even though 'Love Island' only kicked off on Sunday evening, there are a total of 270 complaints logged against the show by Ofcom.

The majority of complaints appear to be against Ollie Williams, and a controversy surrounding photos allegedly showing him posing over dead animals from a big game hunt. However, Siannise Fudge also received a number of complaints, after she compared Nas Majeed to Aladdin, prompting some to believe she was engaging in racial stereotyping.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Ofcom - the UK's broadcast regulator - confirmed that a total of 231 complaints were logged against Ollie Williams, while 36 complaints were logged against Siannise Fudge. Currently, none of the complaints have been advanced to investigation as of yet.

If you think 270 complaints sounds like a lot, last year's 'Love Island' logged over 1,500 complaints during its run, while 2018's run sparked off over 2,600 complaints. In fact, complaints logged during the 2017 run over smoking caused the show to ban smoking from the show altogether, so it just goes to show that complaining sometimes does work.

We're taking bets now on how many complaints this run is going to get. We'll say... 1,250. Check back when the show's over and see if we were close.