Fans who have been disheartened with the news of no 'Love Island' this year have been offered a glimmer of hope - that is, if you haven't already watched the series from two years ago.

In replace of this year's 'Love Island' 2020, ITV have decided to show the spin-off series of 'Love Island Australia' for viewers pining for some Spanish-based reality-TV drama. Originally airing on ITV Be back in 2018, the first series of the reality is heading to ITV 2 this summer.

Filmed in May 2018, 'Love Island Australia' sees 10 single Aussies enter a luxury villa in Mallorca, looking for love, and a chance at winning that $50,000 cash prize. Of course, if you've already seen the series, you know just what drama is on the cards for the new contestants. But if you decided to tune out first time around, then expect plenty of spectacle.

The Australian version of the show originally aired for two seasons, and features Eoghan McDermott narrating the lives of the eager singletons.

This year's 'Love Island' was canned following the safety measures that would have to be involved should the series go ahead this summer. In the end, ITV decided to pull the plug and bring it back for viewers in 2021. However, whether that will be a regular summer series, or a second season of 'Winter Love Island', still remains a mystery.

In anticipation of 'Love Island Australia' arriving on our screens once again later this month, here's the trailer for the first series.

There's been no official arrival date of the series yet, but expect ITV 2 and Virgin Media One to announce when you can get your 'Love Island Australia' fix very soon.