Admit it now, and save yourself the hassle - you're probably going to end up watching 'Love Island', no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise.

Oh, sure, you can sit there and tell yourself that you're only going to watch prestige, boring television and that another season of 'Love Island' isn't going to do anything for you. You can lie to everyone else - just don't lie to yourself.

The return date of 'Love Island' has been confirmed by ITV for June 3rd, with Caroline Flack appearing in this season's first promo on Twitter.

There's been no official word on who'll be joining the cast of the new season, or if it will be the last of the entire series, but given how reality TV shows are now under more scrutiny than ever, it could well be.

Rest assured, however, that we'll be covering every inch of 'Love Island' in the months to come because, like you, we can't admit to how much we can't get enough of it.