Love Island has announced that the next series of the show will feature lesbian and gay contestants from the beginning of the series for the first time.

They have previously had bisexual contestants on the show with Katie Salmon brought in near the end of the series in 2016 to cause quite the love triangle between Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell.

However there has never been LGBT contestants brought in from the start which many viewers had previously complained about.

A show insider told The Mirror though that this is all about to change, "ITV want to increase the shock factor of the show and keep people talking, by having LGBT people included.

"The main thing they came under fire for was sex on TV, which people have now started to accept, so come next series people won't really care about that."

Eh, sorry, 'show insider' whoever you are, but really don't think folk are that shocked by gay people on TV.

Applications for the fourth series of Love Island have been coming in their droves since they first opened. If you're interested in applying, head here.