Word on the street is that Love Hate is returning to our screens a little earlier then we expected. Nidgey and the gang will be back on our screens on October 6th, according to the Irish Independent.

The hit RTE drama is normally aired in November or December, but RTE have decided to kick things off a little earlier this series. And who are we to complain? A source said 'Love/Hate' were warned to keep the official air date of the latest instalment's opening episode 'under wraps', to ensure an element of surprise for the audience. They really wanted it to come back with a bang, so decided to bring the date forward compared to previous years.'

Season three finale saw Darren being shot in the head, poor Tommy still lying unconscious in hospital as Nidgy remains the kingpin. This series will take a little step back from the gangland criminals and focus more on the detectives involved in trying to take Nidge weasel down. The fourth series will also see some new faces in Brian F O' Byrne and Aaron Heffernan. Roll on October.