The X-Factor UK is back on our TV boxes this weekend and Louis Walsh has revealed a new twist that he thinks will make this year's series 'a whole new show'.

In an interview with Radio Times Walsh said: 'There's a big audience of 4,000 people. And there’' six chairs. You only want six people to bring to judges' houses. As they sing, the chairs get filled, but on each occasion [in each category] somebody better came out. So we had to take somebody who thought they were through, and send them home. That was a really tough thing to do.'

He added: 'There was a lot of drama, a lot of tears, a lot of tension, but it's fantastic for the show. We didn't know it was going to be as emotional, and as draining, and as real as this. It's like the gladiators in Rome. Getting them to sing, and picking them, and then saying, 'Hey, we've got somebody better - go.'

Sounds like pretty ground-breaking stuff. The X-Factor have also released some teasers for the upcoming show. In one Mr. Gary Barlow answers some big questions like 'do you prefer the room or the arena?' or 'what's your favourite biscuit?'.

And in another we get a sneak peak at yet another woeful auditionee followed by a ridiculous overreaction from Sharon Osbourne when he ad-libs some lyrics. Oh wait... sorry, those are actual McFly lyrics. 

What do you think? Is The X-Factor franchise dead in the water, or will the return of 'The Room' and this new bootcamp twist help rejuvenate the series?