Now that Louie is on extended hiatus, everyone was wondering what he was up to next.

Was he going to keep going with the major Hollywood pictures, take a break, go back to stand-up? Nobody knew. Until now, that is. Earlier today, on Louis' website, the comedian did a Beyonce and debuted a brand-new TV series called Horace & Pete with a pretty amazing cast.

Steve Buscemi, Alan Alda, Jessica Lange, Rebecca Hall and Edie Falco star in the web-only series that's set in a bar in Brooklyn and, from what we can tell, is staged like a play.

CK plays the titular Horace, who runs said bar whilst Buscemi plays Pete. The two brothers run the bar along with their racist father, Alan Alda, and is being called a cross between Cheers and Death Of A Salesman with the first episode running for 67 minutes. Yeah.

It's understood that the first episode was filmed most likely filmed less than two weeks ago, as the script includes references to Donald Trump's candidacy and a few other way-too-recent comments. Not only that, Paul Simon wrote the theme song.

The series won't debut on any TV channel or subscription service, at least not yet, and is available to download for the sum of $5 from his official website. This isn't the first time Louis CK's bypassed the established route for these kind of things. He made one of his standup specials available online to buy directly from his site and also sold tickets to his events, again, directly through his site and cut out ticketing agencies in the process.

So, is the new series any good? We'll tell you once we've downloaded it ourselves.


Via Gothamist