Remember Tania Raymonde from Lost? You do, she was the daughter of the French bird that was raised by The Others, namely their leader, Ben. Still not with me here? Okay, she was also the kickass kid in Malcolm in the Middle who knew martial art Krav Maga. Now? There you go.

Now, to the news! Miss Raymonde is set to join The Big Bang Theory as a love interest to Raj! Ah, poor Raj, he can never catch a break with the ladies, can he? It's been put down to his 'selective mutism' which, you may or may not be aware, means that he can't talk to women unless he is completely inebriated. A condition which - sorry lads - is sadly RIFE among Irish fellas, as we all know.

Tania is to play the vet who takes cares of Raj's dog, Cinnamon, on the show. Always knew that dog was the key to his success. reported that the actress would make her series debut on Valentines Day in the US. No better day! Although, nobody knows yet if it will be a reoccurring role or not. We can only hope it is, remember Raj and ex-girlfriend Lucy? Comedy gold. More of that please, Big Bang!