I actually hadn't heard about this until now, but classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, Psycho, is being turned into a TV series.

According to TV Guide, Lost co-creator Carlton Cuse will oversee the series which has already picked up a 10 episode order at the A and E cable network. The show will be called Bates Motel and feature a 16 year old Norman Bates already showing signs of mentalness. Cross between Dexter and Smallville, maybe? Anyhow, Cuse had this to say about the characters; "His mother, Norma, is in her early 40s and very hot," he explained. ""He added "We're reinterpreting the mythology a bit, and we might discover that Norman has a sibling." I suppose that was somewhat inevitable.

Cuse is a smart guy and knows a thing or two about the mythology behind a series - obviously coming from Lost. Time will tell on this one, though; I don't think Alf would be happy anyway.