Irish author Lorna Byrne has made many appearances on television discussing her experiences with angels, her most recent of course being last Friday's Late Late Show which left many viewers sceptical.

Today she appeared on This Morning and had hosts Philip Schofield and Rylan Clark Neal looking over their shoulders for their respective angels. She told Philip: "Everyone has the same guardian angels, same as yourselves. I believe you’ll get the proof at some stage in your life. Some people are afraid to say they believe in angels or believe in God."

Going on to describe Philip's angel as "giving a male appearance, angels don’t usually give a male or female because they are neither, but they do that at times and I have to smile because it’s very hard to describe but it’s very, very beautiful." she said.

"It’s dressed in a beautiful purple colour, it’s not giving me a name. Your guardian angel is not a loved one."

Later adding: "Your one is pushing you forward and I haven’t the faintest idea what that is about, it’s positive."

While she told Rylan: "You have one as well and it’s right there and in the same position, right behind you but it has its hands on your shoulders."

To which Rylan joked with Philip saying: "I thought that was you."

By the end, Philip was struggling to hide his scepticism, questioning why she doesn't ask God about some of the tragedies happening in the world when she 'sits on his knee'.

Lorna has previously said she has met God and sat on his knee...yep, you'd think the big fella would have at least offered her a chair.

Watch the interview below: