To take a quote from 'Gavin & Stacey', it's all the drama, Mick - we just love it. The drama is everywhere today, and on 'Loose Women', it pretty much ran the entire show.

To say that it got testy is an understatement. It all kicked off when Charlene White went straight to Jane Moore to ask how damaging it could be to the Royal Family. Her response? Something about casual racism, comparing somebody saying they have concerns about a child's race to someone having ginger hair or the same chin, and a lot of very cringey comments before Charlene stepped in to take the shovel away from her.

Charlene then correctly pointed out the fact of whoever said that they had "concerns" about the child's skin colour is irrelevant, when it's simply a case of it being said is bad enough. Jane, however, then argued the point that by not identifying who it was that the entire royal family has been condemned - which was, in Jane Moore's opinion, much worse.


As you'll see in the video, it all went back and forth quite a lot on many points of the interview itself. The full interview airs tonight on RTÉ 2 tonight at 9.30PM.

Of course, you could very well argue that the Royal Family is an outdated institution that has absolutely no relevance in the modern age, that its wealth and power has been bought and paid for with slavery and colonisation, and that attempting to bring it into the modern age by highlighting members of it engaging in casual racism is a futile gesture when the only true way it will change is to abolish it entirely.

But, y'know, that's, just, like, an opinion. It's all opinions. Here's the full debate that took place on 'Loose Women' earlier today.