We all know the likes of Jean Byrne and Evelyn Cusack hold a firm place in the hearts of the Irish people, we are a nation obsessed with weather after all, but it was Martin King who really brought the rock n' roll to weather and put it on the, eh, map.

Now however, after twenty years giving the weather updates on TV3, King is stepping down for now, as his 5.30pm daily bulletin clashes with his hosting duties on The Seven O'Clock show, which has recently changed to The Six O'Clock Show.

"For the month of December I'm going to step out of 'The 5.30', "he told the Herald.

"I'll miss it. It's been a nice thing to be involved in. We were doing it so differently and it got a lot of attention."

However, he said he "simply can't be in two places at once".

While he says it's only for the month of the December, we'd imagine it would have to continue into the New Year too.

Sigh. It's the end of the era.

Should we blame 2016 for this one? Why not.