Speculation has been rife over who would fill the boots of Peter Capaldi after he announced in January that this would be his final season as Doctor Who, and while there were rumours that the show was planning on going in a new direction with a female Time Lord, it seems those plans are out the window now as the new Doctor has reportedly been revealed.

Now there has been no official announcement but the finger has so strongly been pointing in the direction of Kris Marshall, that Ladbrokes bookies have suspended all bets on the actor getting the gig.

A source told The Mirror: "Kris Marshall has already joined the cast and will regenerate at the end of this series, not in the Christmas special.

‘They won’t risk a woman Doctor. They want a David Tennant type.’

If it is Kris, it would also explain his sudden decision to leave his role on Death in Paradise earlier this year. However, not all fans are too happy about the Love Actually and My Family star landing the job...

It would seem like an awfully 'safe bet' to go with Marshall but as we said, the BBC have yet to confirm or comment on the news so watch this space.