Ah our dear Rosie, she really had hoped Adam had changed his ways and wouldn't go after the next girl who came through the door, but sure enough, Adam has literally gone after the next girl in the 'Love Island' door.

Zara arrived on Sunday night and made it pretty clear that she had her heart set on Adam, and given what a wandering eye that fella has, she probably knew she was in with a very good shot.

Last night, her and fellow newbie Ellie got to choose three boys to have a date with, but 'Love Island' being the divils that they are, left us with a cliffhanger just as both were about to have their most anticipated dates.

From what we can see below, Adam and Zara hit it off and it soon becomes very clear to his current partner Rosie what Adam's plans are. Understandably, she is not a happy islander.

Watch below:

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