When it was announced a few months ago that Twin Peaks was to return in 2016, fans across the world - ourselves included - rejoiced.

The twisted genius of David Lynch and Mark Frost, returning to TV after 25 years? Who WOULDN'T love that, right?

However, there's been some cold water thrown over the announcement. In a recent interview, creator David Lynch went on record and said that the series wasn't progressing all that well.

According to Lynch, there's been "complications" with the contract and that negotiations haven't proceeded as planned.

We're speculating here, but we think it's Lynch who's vying for more creative control. After all, he protested hugely against revealing the identity of Laura Palmer's killer in the first run of the series and did so under protest from the studio.

Lynch has battled studio interference constantly, largely because he felt he had the right direction in mind.

We can't blame him for wanting it here again, but surely Showtime - the TV channel behind the return of Twin Peaks - knew this when they got into it?

Who knows. All we know is 2016 is fast approaching and we're still holding out hope for Twin Peaks.


Via Uproxx