We don't mean that headline in the way your mammy might say it about dodgy Donal at the end of the road, we mean quite literally that the news reader is not leaving RTE after all that furore back in 2013.

Sharon terrified a nation when she hinted to the RTE Guide that she may, you know, want other things. “It’s been a very enjoyable experience, but I’m ready for something new,” she said at the time. Essentially saying, 'It's not you RTE, it's me'.

We all panicked, masses were said and candles were lit. The wound was fresh from losing Anne Doyle to retirement, we couldn't go through all that again.

Recently though, an RTE spokesperson commented on this interview, telling The Independent; "In regards to what she meant, I'm afraid it's not my place to interpret Sharon's words directly. It is worth noting that many of our news presenters and reporters take on other projects as well as their current roles."

Going on to say that; "Sharon continues to be a key presenter for RTE News."

So we can all collectively let out a sigh of relief, by the sounds of it Sharon is happy out. And look, if all else fails we'll always have the hero that is Aengus and those marvellous ties of his.