Your favourite late night host is the front runner for the first big ceremony of awards season 2018.

While the show has been hit and miss with its hosts in recent years (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler being the standouts really), it doens't look like the Golden Globes are going to abandon a host completely just yet as Variety are reporting that Seth Meyers is closing on a deal to host the NBC broadcast on January 7th.

Sitting as it does at the beginning of awards season, a lot of precedent is set both in terms of winners and tone and considering the year Hollywood has had, you can expect Meyers to go hard on Weinstein, Spacey et al. as well as keeping up the heat that he brings to the Trump presidency weekly on 'Late Night'.

And seeing as he's BFFs with Fey and Poehler and some of the best 'SNL' alumni, we're expecting at least one bit from them because we're pretty sure they have a lot to say about everything.