In this golden age of television, the opening credits of your favourite shows have become an art form of their own. 

Spectacular opening credits sequences have been a hit with many fans of shows like Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, and Stranger Things to the point. However, it could be argued that when you're binge watching a few episodes at a time, it can get a little tedious having to sit through the credits again for another episode. 

Whether you're a fan of credits sequences or not, it looks like Netflix are going to give you the choice in the near future as to whether you want to skip them. According to The Verge, the streaming giant is currently testing a feature that will allow viewers to skip the intros at the beginning of each episode. 

In fact some users have reported being able to access the feature already when using Netflix on their laptops. 

The feature is just one of several that look set to be incorporated by the streaming service this year. Earlier this week it was revealed that the star rating system is going to be replaced by a thumbs up system.