For those who may not know, Happy Endings was probably one of the best TV sitcoms since Arrested Development. Really.

In fact, the show has a lot in common with Arrested Development in that it never really found its audience on its first run and, more pointedly, it was cancelled in its third season just as it was about to break through and hit the mainstream.

Nobody's really sure why and many critics called its cancellation for what it was - one of the worst decisions in recent TV history. The show's final televised episode was in 2013 and was left open for an expected fourth season.

In the intervening three years, there's been a number of hoaxes and potential revivals of the series, but today saw the clearest signal yet that a fourth season might be happening. The image below, tweeted by showrunner Prentice Penny, with the words "Not. A. Game.", obviously in reference to the numerous hoaxes surrounding Happy Endings' fourth season.

It's worth pointing out that Penny was a producer on the show and Damon Wayans, Jr. has finished up with New Girl and so to has Adam Pally with The Mindy Project. So is this all likely? Here's hoping, to be honest.

Happy Endings really was a fantastic sitcom and it deserves a fourth season, if for no other reason that it can wrap the whole thing up once and for all.



Well, we've been caught again by another Happy Endings hoax. It's a live table-read of a lost episode with all the cast returning as part of EW PopFest. It'll be streamed live so we can finally get some closure on the thing. 



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